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15) How can I get a VPS or server of my own?

If you want a VPS or server of you own, you cannot beat the protection of this provider. They have the best DDOS protection there is. With one of these servers or VPS you can do webhosting and even setup your own Chat so you can talk with you're viewers. They can add any of the control panels options of your choice. You can even customize you're VPS or server. They have so many options to pick from. You can pick where you want it setup, by choosing from their many locations. You can talk with them before you even buy and even get a quote. I won't bore you with the details just judge for you're self. Click the link and go to their site and check them out. Their Tech support is not only fast, they are also knowledgeable about what they do. There is no obligation to buy however you can not get what they have anyplace else and Remember you get what you pay for. Check them out Here!

We highly recommend them and have used them for years.

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