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1) Why do you not offer unlimited Bandwidth?

We are now offering unlimited Bandwidth, however it will be monitored for abuse, to keep our other clients from being able to do what they need. If your website is setup correctly, you should never over use your Bandwidth. The following description of Bandwidth should help you understand what Data transfer really is.

First of all, we have to establish one thing here. I’m not necessarily talking about bandwidth in the sense of speed of transmission or data transmission rate (bits/second), which is the correct definition for the term “bandwidth”. I’m mainly talking about the so called bandwidth which measures the total amount of transmitted data (bits).

This whole misuse of the term bandwidth probably has its causes in the fact that most packages come with a specified amount of Gigabytes/month. Some might have considered it to be the same thing as bandwidth because it is measured in bits/second. But who really knows?

Still, in order to be clear and rigorous I must make a clear distinction between terms. Bandwidth means data transfer rate, which is a speed – the speed of transferring data. Hence unlimited bandwidth would mean, in other words, an infinite speed when transferring data. This does not exist. Speeds are limited in our world. For example we (or at least most of us) believe that the speed of light is the ultimate speed of anything in this universe. However, the speed of light is limited, not unlimited.

Can you use infinite amounts of bandwidth? To put it shortly, no. Your usage of bandwidth should be seen as unrestricted not infinite, because there still are 2 main indirect limits in place. One, that doesn’t often get mentioned, is the fact that the network, as good as it might be, and the server’s connection, still have limited capacities. The other, and most often to be encountered, has to do with other server resources usage levels such as CPU and memory, but also input/output load (basically the hard drive being able to serve the files as fast as it is requested to).

Over the years we have done research and have seen just how much Bandwidth a normal account will use on a monthly basis so we have setup our accounts with more than enough bandwidth for each customer. Your account should never run out of bandwidth or space if you setup your account correctly. For instance a website that has 1,000 hits per day for 30 days will normally only reach about 5 gig of bandwidth per month. A blog site setup correctly will only reach about 10 to 15 gig per month. Most business sites only reach about 15 to 20 gig per month if they get a high hit rate on a daily basis. most personal sites only hit about 1 to 5 gig per month. This is keeping in mind that anything put up on your site has been adjusted for low bandwidth. For instance you upload pictures to your site. Most pictures taken from a camera will be about 100 to 200 meg or more depending on the pixel size. If you have resized the picture with an editor before uploading it, it will drop the picture to less than a meg in size depending on the size you made it. A picture of about 480px × 320px will be 78.85 KB (80,738 bytes). Resizing your pictures will save you a ton of space and bandwidth. If you need help in this area just put in a support ticket and we will help you to make you site BW Friendly.

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