How to Fix Category and Comment Count After WordPress Import

Are you noticing an incorrect comment count after the WordPress import? Importing a WordPress site using the built-in importer can sometimes mess up your WordPress comments count. While all the comments are safely imported and visible in the admin area, your posts will show an… Read More

16 Best Plugins to Improve WordPress Comments

Here is another good tip for WordPress from wpbeginner. Read below Comments are an integral part of many WordPress blogs as an effective way to engage users and build community. The default WordPress commenting system is good but it is quite plain and basic. However, you can extend the this basic commenting system into a

How to create a Duplicate Menu in WordPress with one click

How to Create a Duplicate Menu in WordPress with One Click Another great post from WPbeginner. WordPress comes with a built-in system to add navigation menus to your website. Even though it is very efficient, it doesn’t allow you to create a duplicate menu. If you wanted to create a similar menu quickly, then you will

How to Archive Posts Without Deleting Them in WordPress

Today's post from WpBeginner is about archiving your post in WordPress without deleting them. We hope this will be helpful. WordPress Beginner has a ton of helpful hints to help you with your WordPress site we are adding the ones that we get asked about the most. We hope that this will help you

How to Create a Photo Gallery with Albums in WordPress

Have you ever wondered how to create a photo gallery with albums in WordPress? Have you ever wanted to organize your photo galleries with albums? While image galleries allow you to display multiple photos on a single page, albums can allow you to display multiple galleries on a single page categorized by event, topic, location,

How to Control Revisions for Post Types in WordPress

Have you ever wondered how to control revisions for posts types in WordPress? Post revisions provide you an easy way to undo changes, restore posts, and revert to old drafts. However, many users believe that too many revisions can increase their backup file sizes, increase post query times, and affect overall performance of their site.

How to avoid getting spam email

  How to avoid getting spam email. I have been working with a client on some recent spam issues he has been having. Spam is an annoyance. There’s no way around that fact. There is, however, a way to minimize your risk of getting spammed on your web hosting account’s email addresses. Here are a few