About Us

Mystic-technologys.com was formed in 2005 with a team of very successful and proven industry veterans’ intent on delivering the best value in web hosting. With the growing need for affordable hosting, the company set out to deliver the best web hosting at a price where everyone can afford to have their piece of the world wide web. mystic-technologys.com remains committed to delivering the best value in Internet hosting by providing a safe, reliable and efficient process to create an Internet presence, all with a price structure driven by value.

We are very confident in our products and services. We provide a fast, reliable and comprehensive service that we believe you will be completely satisfied with. Don’t take our word for it ask our customers.

Uptime99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Your website needs to be accessible for the visitors in order to generate sales. For this reason we offer 99.9% uptime guarantee. This means that the server your website is hosted on will be up and running at least 99.9% of the time during any 12-month period. If your server isn’t available for the guaranteed amount of the time within a given month, we will give you a pro-rated credit for the time*.

Money Back30 Day Money-back Guarantee

All of our web hosting plans include a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with your service for any reason, you will receive a full refund if you cancel your account within 30 days of your initial sign up date.

Backup SolutionsBackup Solution for your Website

It is imperative to keep your website files safely backed up should anything catastrophic happen to your data. We offer an easy backup tool so you can take full account backups, email backups, and even database backups to make sure you always have a fallback for your website.

Our help desk is open 24/7 with information to help you. If you
cannot find what you’re looking for there, please feel free to open a support ticket for existing customers or send us an email with your questions and we will answer it as soon as possible.  As a customer you will never be charged for tech support and there are no hidden fees. We always remember that not everyone is a tech and understand where you are coming from so we will work with you until you are satisfied.

We have a Google number, but this number is not monitored at this time. Please if you happen to call that number follow these instructions given in the voice message. If you leave a message, please be aware since the number is not monitored it may not be answered in a timely manner. We are working to be able to monitor this number in the future. Thank you for your patience.

The following is a list of extra charges with your hosting should you require them. These charges are only added to your bill if you need them.
1) Dedicated IPs are required for SSL certificates and incur a separate charge. Price will be quoted at the time requested.
2) SSL Certificates will be at your own expense if you need one for your business. we provide affordable SSL certificates on our website.
3) SSL Installs will incur a separate charge.

Note: All websites are covered under Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates so that you can run under HTTPS as required by most all search engines and web browsers. These SSL Certificates are free with your hosting for basic websites, however if you require an SSL Certificate for your business the above charges apply to you.