WordPress Hosting.

Do you need WordPress hosting? Well, if you do we have it here. There are a few things to consider when getting hosting for your WordPress blog.

1) How much room do you need?

Well, this is up to you, if it is going to be a small blog for your use only our starter account will do just fine. If you are going for a blog where you are going to allow comments to your posts then you may need to move up to our Advanced account. It is totally up to you. All of our accounts are upgradable so your safe no matter where you start.

2) How many hits does your blog receive?

If your blog is a small blog, then it may get a small amount of hits depending on your following. A newly formed blog will get a small amount of hits to start with and as your following grows the hit count will grow. Once you start adding users and subscribers it will grow even more. Since all of our accounts are upgradable this will not be an issue. We also do not suspend your account for using more bandwidth than you are paying for unless it becomes the norm then we will ask you to upgrade. It takes a lot for a site to reach the limit. There are factors that can cause your site to reach the limit even if you only have a few followers and we will work with you to help you figure out what caused it. It may be an add on or a plugin causing it. It may be the database is working to hard because it has grown to large or is becoming corrupt. There are tools in your cPanel to fix these issues. If for any reason you see your site has been disabled for going over the bandwidth, please let us know and we will help you.

3) Are you just starting out and don’t need much space but need room to grow?

Since all of our accounts are upgradable this should not be an issue, we also can work with you if you only need a little more space but not what our advanced account gives. If you are sizing your graphics and other files you may be uploading to your site, it will take a while to get up to even our starter package space. We did some testing with a couple of our sites that have a large number of graphics on them. Since we did the design and host them, we set them to 1 gig of space. Both sites at this time with close to 500 on one site and 600 graphics on the other are still not even close to their allotted disk space. We also site them both to 1 gig of bandwidth and only one of the sites reached their limit. We found that the reason that one site hit its limit was due to excessive hits by overseas countries that have a habit of hitting sites to try to find a way to hack them. We blocked the incoming Ip’s and have not come close since.  Both these sites are high hit Veteran sites. So, you can see that starting off you should be safe with our set limits.

4) Can I transfer my WordPress site from another host?

Yes, you can. Once you bring it here and set it up as long as you can upgrade it to the newest version you will be just fine. All of our software is updated and upgraded as a newer version comes out, this is also done automatically if you use our one click install located in your cPanel. In most causes you will just need to move your WordPress site or blog to your home directory and unzip it. Set Configuration file to the new location and you should be right back up and running.

5) I am not good with this kind of thing is there a program that can help me with it?

Yes, there is. Once you have decided you want to move your site to a new hosting company such as us. you will need to back up your site. One suggestion can be found below there are many other ways to move your site as well.

First thing you need to do is install and activate Backup Buddy plugin on the website that you want to move. Backup Buddy is a premium (paid) plugin that is highly recommend. It offers complete automated backup solution for WordPress websites, and WPBeginner wrote about how to use Backup Buddy earlier on their site.

Backup Buddy is just a suggestion, and some users may not want to pay for something to back up their site. This program will back up your site on one host and put it on another host with you doing very little work at all. It will also save you hours of work doing the backup and install yourself. But if you’re like some of us and like to do things yourself, make sure you do not close your old host until you know for sure you have everything you need moved to the new host. We can also help you with moving your site and installing it to our host for a small fee.