How to Create a Photo Gallery with Albums in WordPress

Have you ever wondered how to create a photo gallery with albums in WordPress? Have you ever wanted to organize your photo galleries with albums? While image galleries allow you to display multiple photos on a single page, albums can allow you to display multiple galleries on a single page categorized by event, topic, location,

How to Control Revisions for Post Types in WordPress

Have you ever wondered how to control revisions for posts types in WordPress? Post revisions provide you an easy way to undo changes, restore posts, and revert to old drafts. However, many users believe that too many revisions can increase their backup file sizes, increase post query times, and affect overall performance of their site.

How to avoid getting spam email

  How to avoid getting spam email. I have been working with a client on some recent spam issues he has been having. Spam is an annoyance. There’s no way around that fact. There is, however, a way to minimize your risk of getting spammed on your web hosting account’s email addresses. Here are a few

WordPress Hosting.

Do you need WordPress hosting? Well if you do we have it here. There are a few things to consider when getting hosting for your WordPress blog. 1) How much room do you need? If your just starting out a WordPress install don't take very much room at all. Since we have one click install on